St Joseph’s Mercy Secondary School


St Joseph’s Mercy Navan is more than just a school; it is a community of people with a shared vision and experience. Our school is what it is because of the students and staff that have been part of its very fabric since its inception. We know you are proud to once have been a Mercy girl and you will always be a Mercy girl in the mind of your school, your classmates, your teachers, your community and your heart.


St Joseph’s is delighted to welcome past pupils back to school. Perhaps it has been a while since you’ve been back but we want you to know that St Joseph’s Mercy Navan is still your school. As ever, we are committed to student success while striving for personal excellence. Our website is here to serve as a virtual conduit for our alumnae, by offering you a means to stay in touch with past pupils and teachers.


Please contact us at St Joseph’s so we can stay in touch and keep you updated with how your school is doing. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter– we would really love to hear what you are doing now.

You will always be given a warm welcome if you come to visit us in person also. Maybe you will come as a parent, a guest speaker, a volunteer or a visitor. Whatever brings you to Mercy we will be delighted to see you. Maybe it’s been some time since you walked our corridors, maybe you’re planning a class reunion, maybe you’d like to look at our photo archives or maybe you have an idea that we could benefit from. Please know that we would love to hear from you!