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Student Council

Student Council The primary aim of our Student Council is to foster among students a sense of responsibility as well as an active involvement in the running of the school. It also aims to develop leadership qualities and organisational skills. It reflects the ideas and opinions of the students and is the official organ through which members of the student body may communicate with the administrative and teaching staffs on matters of general interest to the school.Student Council 4

The student council gives the students a voice to be heard as well as a say in how their school is run. It also encourages teachers to value the opinions of the students. Without the student council, many clubs and organisations would not be available to students and events would not be run. ” (Anne Bale, 5th Year)

What are the responsibilities of the Student Council?

  • To become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with the school management, staff and parents for the benefits of the school and its students,
  • To communicate and consult with all of the students in the school; managing and planning the Council’s programme of activities for the year,
  • To manage and account for any funds raised by the Council.

Student Council 3What makes a good Student Council representative?

“A good Student Council representative is someone who is responsible and friendly. Someone who is easy to talk to and listens carefully to what others have to say.  They must be confident in order to relay a point and they must be willing and able to take on the opinion of others while also being able to view the whole picture.”

IMG_0605How is the Student Council elected? “The Student Council is elected by the students of the school. Those that wish to run for a position on the student council must put their names forward and each year group takes a democratic vote. The elected are those that have received the most votes from their peers. There are two girls elected from first year, two from second year, two from third year and two from transition year. There are four representatives from fifth year and six from sixth year including the two Head girls. (Bláthnaid Keyes, 5th Year)Student Council

What are the roles with the Student Council?

  • Chairperson
  • The chief spokesperson of the Student Council,
  • Prepares agendas for each meeting with the secretary,
  • Ensures the Student Council is run efficiently and effectively
  • Ensures meetings are run in a fair manner
  • Deputy Chairperson
  • Assists the chairperson
  • Takes over the responsibility of the chairperson when necessary
  • Secretary
  • Prepares the agenda with the chairperson
  • Takes minutes at the meetings and writes them up
  • Informs all members about upcoming meetings
  • The Public Relations Team
  • Keeps the whole school informed about the activities of the Student Council
  • Updates the council noticeboard
  • Takes photographs of activities and events

FullSizeRenderSome activities that the Student Council members may partake in St Joseph’s:

  • Mercy Day Mass – senior members assist in escorting the students safely across the road to the church
  • Policies – members are asked to assist in the implementation of policies e.g. Anti-bullying and RSE
  • Information – any school information may be fed back to the students through the members of the Student Council
  • Questionnaires/ Surveys – members may be chosen as the voice of the student body of the school
  • School occasions – may be asked to represent the school e.g. Special masses/ Funerals etc.
  • Open night – Students on the council may be asked to assist the teacher responsible for open night in our school
  • Fundraising – the council may decide to fundraise for a particular charity/charities (Meath Women’s Refuge)
  • Human Rights Issues – the Student Council may choose to bring awareness about some human rights issues to students in our school.


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