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School Uniform

School Uniform

The school uniform is one of the ways in which a positive climate of learning is achieved.  Wearing correct school uniform is an essential part of our school code of behaviour. Our school uniform identifies each student as a pupil of St Joseph’s Mercy Secondary School.  It is a fundamental aspect of our school identity.

We expect each student to wear her school uniform correctly and with pride both in and out of school. We would ask Parents/Guardians to encourage their daughters to take care of their uniform, especially when cleaning and pressing it. The uniform must be kept in good condition throughout the year.

Students are expected to look neat and tidy at all times and this includes having a tidy hairstyle. Current fashion fads are not a part of our school uniform and are not permitted.  Students who introduce non-uniform items will be required to remove them in school. The following are not allowed:

  • Facial, tongue or body piercings
  • Unacceptable hairstyles and strong hair colours
Any student breaching uniform rules will not be allowed into class. Persistent breaking of uniform rules will warrant sanctions.
Please note that makeup, false tan, nail varnish and gel nails are deemed unsuitable in school and pose a Health and Safety risk especially in Practical Subjects. All students must have the correct PE uniform including the tracksuit top with the school crest on it. This is essential for school outings such as field study trips, outdoor activities etc.

Please note that the school is the final arbiter with regard to uniform.



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