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Head Girls’ Welcome

As we begin our new school year in St Joseph’s, we extend a warm welcome to our students and staff. With all the uncertainty the past few months, we are delighted to be back to some sort of normality. We hope you are settling in nicely and we wish you every success in your studies this coming year.

A special welcome to our First Years. Although it is a big change, we are confident that you will enjoy your time here in St Joseph’s, just as we both have.

To our fellow Sixth Years, we encourage you to work hard and enjoy our last few months together before we go our separate ways.

To the wonderful, dedicated staff here in St Joseph’s, we thank you for your hard work and encouragement and look forward to another year of working with you to achieve our full potential.

This new school year is full of uncertainty for all, and with uncertainty can come anxiety. It is fair to say that nobody knows what this school year will bring, what challenges it will throw at us. However, it is essential that we remain positive and see every challenge as an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to improve.

A lot has changed since we were last all together in school but the key to success still stands – our best is always good enough. Kindness has an immeasurable impact, and will be needed this year. If we can keep those two things at the heart of our school, there is no doubt great things will come from this school year.

We hope you all gain everything you wish in this upcoming year and wish you all a very healthy and happy school year ahead.

Ruth and Sarah