St.Joseph’s Mercy Secondary School

 Principal’s Welcome


Ms D’Arcy, Ms Mulligan and Ms Meagher

Having worked as Deputy Principal at St Joseph’s for eight years, I was appointed Principal in June 2011. I am privileged to work with a most dedicated and talented team of teachers and support staff. Their outstanding commitment to our students ensures that our pupils are encouraged to be the very best that they can be.

Here in St Joseph’s Mercy Secondary School we are committed to creating and maintaining an environment that is centered on teaching and learning. Our school community is built on the principles of respect and care. We look forward with confidence and look back with pride on a distinguished history of excellence.

Our website will give you an insight into our school. Through it you will learn of our aims, philosophy, values and the day to day activities: all of which make St. Joseph’s a very unique and exceptional school.

Collectively, as a school community of staff, students, parents and Board of Management, we strive to achieve the highest standards possible in all areas of school life.

Ms M. Mulligan

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